Custom Orders

Please contact Mo'Love directly for customization  of your order  call: 718.501.2600 or email:

Bulk (10 or More)
Same Items

If you would like to order for a group, committee, Thank you gifts.

Price will be marked down on the the Item from the original or individual place

Group Items
Multiple Items: different selection 

Want to order gifts for a group of people with different looks and personalities. All colors and styles can be customized for group orders.

Each item will receive an individual discount depending what is ordered. 

Family Portrait 
Family accessories

Same fabric but different items like Brooches, Bowties, earring, Hair-bows, to bracelets.  

Price will receive a 10% discount on the entire purchase 


Tel 718.501.2600 

P.O Box 441927 Fort Washington MD. 20749


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