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MoLove J. Simmons!

I Do It For You, I Do It For Me!

Life coach, motivational speaker, author and entrepreneur. MoLove is best know as an artist of many kinds. She has worked in several different fields acquiring a variety of skills in art. Her creative abilities are limitless. MoLove creates art all around her and does not say no to a challenge. Her passion as a young child was drawing; she drew on everything she could find. When she ran out of paper and canvas she moved on to walls or anything that would hold paint. Her passion for drawing leads her to fashion design. Her outfits are never complete without a hand crafted piece of jewelry or accessory designed by her made personally for you. She continuously supports people in their goal for an impressionable look with her fashion consultation.

She doesn’t stop there, with a deep love for all types of music she found herself most creatively in the world of poetry. Since her preteen MoLove has been expressing herself though poetry in venues such as school performances and among social groups creating her stage name MoLove the Gemini. She later branched out to open mics and poetry circles giving her the opportunity to then host various poetry events and feature in New York City spoken word night life for many years. Her art work and poetry has even gone to cinema in a film called “Desperate for Love”. She plans to revisit the spotlight on stage as a motivational speaker as well as begin releasing multiple books.  Her latest projects involve creating a collecting of children book series that deal with coping mechanisms and difficult conversations.

MoLove’s love for children has continually brought her back to the field of education on her career paths. She is an enthusiastic, caring educator who believes that all children can learn and thrive when encouraged and supported.She has transitioned into several different fields with ease and has learned how to master her assigned skills quickly.

Born on June 14, 1983 Monique Jeanelle Simmons better known as Mo’Love in her life was born in Brooklyn, New York. The youngest of three. MoLove was able to strive past the hardships of her life and continue on past the odds in order to fulfill her dreams and goals she set out for herself at a young age such as being a educator and an inspirational speaker. She decided to relocate to Maryland to be closer to her family as well as giving herself a change of life. MoLove has a great energy and love of working with people. Her enthusiasm for life brings her a positive outlook on everything she sets her mind to doing. 

MoLove graduated from Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, New York with a bachelor degree in Liberal studies with a focus on African American Studies. Upon graduation MoLove received awards for community service and volunteer work she was also honored by being mentioned in the Governor of New York City commencement speech.

With big dreams in mind, adding to her goal list each day, MoLove focuses on one to four dreams at a time. Making sure all get enough time and attention that is needed to ensure that all will come true. Her heart and drive is for the people of her world as she states to herself and others everyday "I do it for you, I do it for me!"#IDoItForYou #IDoItForME #MolovingStyle #MoloveMadeIt

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