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MoLove Creates quality work and unique designs. No two are the same unless request. Bulk/batch orders are custom made for that group not to be replicated of anyone esle. All Style and Colors, Custom designs for Chapters and Organizations

Breast cancer awareness
Breast cancer awareness flower
Awareness ribbon
Royal Ribbon B/G
Rainbow Pearl
holiday wreath
jingle bells
santa snow
Candy house
American christmas
tree gift
snowman glitter
candy basket
Holiday house
holiday candle
xmas boot
candy cane snow man
english present
Christmas tree
candy tree
Pink pearl rose
pink glitter fold
pink damask bouquet
Glittler pink rose
African snow flake
continuing bouquet
pearl blessed
African print spiral
Fabric daisy
African-American ropes
Pearl african daisy
African print star
Multi color Narcissus
B/W rose fold
African ropes
African ropes and ribbons
Y/B polka dot forget me not
double rose fold
English flower
Omega lapel
B/G 1st lady
Rose Spiral
Color burst
Elmo glitter bows
1st lady gold
B/G queen spiral
B/W Queen spiral
All Blue Queen Spiral
Omega joy
O/B school
Pattern in petals
Rose twist
Double bouquet Roses
Double Silk Spiral XL
The Queens Roses XL
Pearl Rose Bouquet
Little cheer
Star burst LP/DG
Rose flower
Patterns & Petals
Rose Bloom Large
Rose bouquet XL
all white spirl
two tone elegance
Links AKA
Watermelon bloom
AKA Black
Glitter star
Watermelon Pearls
mini spin with diamond rounds
Two tone Shield
2 layer Army Pink
In-Out Shield
Baby Spiral pearl
Baby Spiral Shield
Classic roses shield
all white spirl
zig zag glitter
Spiral bloom
Pink lotus
victorian spiral
demask flower
cake rose
country daisy
demask sunflower
rose lotus
pink ribbed daffodil
green ribbed daffodil
cake pearl light ribbed spiral
spiral fold
Spiral fold
Joker aster (gold)
joker aster (silver)
golden spiral
glitter large spiral
P/G spiral
three layer lotus
Pearl Fountian
Dual shine
G/P spiral
light Rose bouquet
winter bouquet
Spring bouquet
Summer Bouquet
Pearl fold
Sparkle spiral
Spring bloom
Wrapped Rose
ribbed bouquet
watermelon bouquet
Lilly Rose
Dark Rose bouquet
P/G ribbon Rose
Light ribbon rose
dark Ribbon Rose
Pearl Lilly
P/G crane bill
PG anemone
Lilltle lilly
P/G marigold
PGS even
Golden rose
P/G flower badge
Lace blosom
P/G polka dot fold
G/P polka Dot fold
watermelon fold
1st lady half brooch
Glitter first lady half brooch
P/G pearl polka dot cushion
Polka dot G/P pearl cushion
diamond centered note fold
half P/G Queen spiral
Open P/G polka dot Queen spiral
Traditional P/G Queen Spiral
G /P D&P polka dot cushion
glitter polka Dot pearl flower
P/G forget me not
Mini Double spiral badge
P/g polka dot Narcissus
G/P flower badge
polka dot rotating Narcissus
rotating Narcissus
half P/G Narcissus
diamond cushion Narcissus
triple fold
pearl cluster
shielded ribbion
reverse cushion
P/G double rose fold
Solid Queen Spiral
princess golden spiral
flower Daisy
polka dot Daisy
pearl dark P/G Petunia
P/G crocus Light
pearl light P/G Petunia
polka dot blossom
3 Layer JnJ - Lg
little logo tri-petal
White with P/B pearls
Half shell pearl round
Half shell Light
Polka-Dot B/W/P
Star spiral - Lg
Half shell Dark
3 layer Gem
Gem Burst P/B
3 layer ribbon P/B
Alternating Star
Little petal pearl
Blue petal bloom
Polka Dot round
double petal flower
odd even in-out spiral
in out spiral
in out spiral
in out spiral
in out spiral
in out spiral
in out spiral
in out spiral
in out spiral
Diamond rose bouquet
Spiral rose bouquet
Silk Swirl
Folded falls
pearl gold
Baby PB petal
zigzag bloom
Pearl Blooming
Dark Spiral
lady bouquet
Sparkle spin
PB Flower
Bulk orders
bulk order
Medium Spiral
Polka Dot Spiral
Link Delta
Mini Elephant Spiral
spirl strips elephant
diamond Shied spring flower
Large Spin diamond shield
Baby Shield Spiral
Delta JnJ
delta double pearl
1/2 delta dot
delta swirl
delta dot
Double pearl
red pattern buttercup
pattern C/C buttercup
mini Narcissus
R/W spiral
Reverse Queen Spiral
R/W double Narcissus
R/W rose fold
R/W Queen Spiral
W/R double Narcissus
R/W polka dot buttercup
candy cane Spiral
classic ribbon round
picnic flower
mini spiral
GW Rose bouquet
Pearl arrangment
delta Link
Star Flower
Ribbon Rose
Ribbon Fold
half pearl flyer
Lilly Ribbon
W/G Amaryllis
Rose petals
polka dot flower
SGRho poddle
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Made to Order, Choose your color, style, look, call or email to place your order at or 718.501.2600

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