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Artistic Services

Custom Creative Events

  Molove provides amazing interactive and fun art parties for Kids or adults. She will customize the canvas for your party theme or desired art.  The party will pop with custom art masterpiece designed by you and your friends. 

*Cost may vary based on supplies and hours 

$500 for 2 hour event for 20 ppl

Art Classes 
Art SEL  Presentations
Art Classes

Molove is a visual arts educator who offers art classes for all ages and experience levels in a wide variety of media. Classes are kept small and she uses a wide range of teaching methods to ensure that all students are getting the best instruction possible. Visual Arts understands the importance of creating a safe, supportive, and caring environment for students to learn and succeed in their designs.  

*Cost of services based on need

$120 per 60 min class


Molove designs workshop according the audience that will receive the content. Materials and slides will be customized with knowledgeable and exciting take-aways

*Customization for audience  per event

$1000 per 6o mins demonstration with swag bags for audiences up to 100 people


Art is a huge part of Social Emotional Learning and is now on the rise of understanding. MoLove explains and breaks down the reasons behind Art supporting development and growth mindset models for education. 

$200 for 30 min presentation

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